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Cinema Kisses is the name of my old blog, with the title inspired by a French novel. But that doesn’t matter anymore.

What’s new is that I am no longer making a critical evaluation of the movies. I’ve done a Masters in Visual Studies just so I would be able to write about the types of shots and their meaning, but I would like to reserve this area of expertise to true film critics. I still believe in formal critics and passionate cinema bloggers, and I hope they will continue to receive the credit they deserve. I also know that pure information is one click away, so you won’t read this blog to find out the cast and crew or the latest news.

What I want to share and instill is a deeper experience with cinema. For me, for several times in my life, getting lost in the universe of different characters was the necessary boost I needed to change something in myself or in my life. No matter what the subject was or the genre, I always found a lesson or inspiration for something that I was going through. You could justly argue this is valid for literature, music as well. On a personal level, I feel cinema is a complete and complex art, in which you can immerse yourself fully. What I’ve discovered several years later was that I was self coaching through movies, at least, this is what my mentor, Ion Cosmovici told me. I would want others to experience that as well.

Maybe you’re not a fan of coaching or you don’t believe in it or you don’t trust someone you don’t know writing an article online to change your life. But the movies I am writing about can do that.

The blog offers a different perspective. Movies are not only about good vs. bad, happy endings and being rich and famous. There is something that every one of us can learn from a movie, that can be applied to our every day lives.

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